Fahmi Abu Al-Rub
Prof. Fahmi Abu A-Rub, Professor of chemical and biochemical engineering, former Dean of Research at JUST and former Key Expert at the EMUNI University-Slovenia, the project coordinator of the FOODQA project.Prof. Abu Al-Rub was the key expert and coordinator to establish the first Master's Program in the World on De-Pollution of the Mediterranean which was supposed to be hosted by three European Universities. Prof. Abu Al-Rub has reformed the Deanship of Research at JUST to establish the TTO and externally funded office to manage and secure external funds. Prof. Abu Al-Rub was the Vice Dean of Engineering at JUST from 2006-2009. His responsibilities included quality and accreditation of all engineering programs at JUST, curriculum development, and budget. Prof. Abu Al-Rub has supervised the preparation of all Engineering Departments at JUST and the University of Jordan for ABET. He supervised the revision of the curricula of all departments to meet ABET requirements. He has active research in Engineering Education, Curricula Reforming, Environment, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, and Wastewater Treatment. He has more than 80 publications on Education, Environment, and Wastewater Treatment, and renewable energy. He has active research in Environment, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, and Wastewater Treatment. He has more than 80 publications on Environment, and Wastewater Treatment, and renewable energy
     Ahmed Al-Salaymeh
Prof. Ahmed Al-Salaymeh is a professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department. He received his Ph.D. degree from Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany in 2001. He organized and participated in many workshops, seminars and conferences in the field of Energy, Renewable Energy and Green building. He is also an expert in the Field of Energy Regulation. He is Certified Energy Manager CEM, and Certified Carbon Reduction Manager CRM. He is the local coordinator for Tempus project on the establishment of Master program on sustainability and the renewable energy and the grant holder for tempus project establishment of a master program in environmental engineering and climate change, in addition to other 4 tempus projects. Also He is a coordinator of Erasmus + project in the field of capacity building of higher education entitled “Modernization of teaching methodologies in higher education: EU experience for Jordan and Palestinian territory / METHODS”. Also he is the contact person for 6 Erasmus+ projects at UJ. He is very well-known in the EU project management
     Omer Maaitah
Prof Omer Maaitah is a professor in civil engineering. He get his PhD in Civil Engineering, School of Arch & Civil Engineering - University of Bath1999, United Kingdom At present dean of faculty of engineering. Published over 40th paper, member in the Institute of Jordan Engineers since 1992, British Geotechnical Society (BGS) since 1999, and Arab Organization for Human Right. In addition being the contact person in tempus project. Organizing and participating in many workshops, seminars and conferences in the field of Energy, Renewable Energy and Green building. Also he is the contact person for many Esrasmus+ project at Mutah
     Klaus Hänßgen
Prof. Klaus Hänßgen is a Professor in Information Systems and Multimedia Technologies. Very experienced in E-learning, ICT development and application, Distance e-learning, e-services development and leading students to highly noted innovative ICT developments for educational applications. He was the coordinator in 7 Tempus projects, especially also projects for ICT application in education and teaching. He was working together with partners of several research institutions and industry on e-service projects, computer and network projects and content development, funded by German and Saxony ministries, research and educational institutions and by private companies.
     Paulo Baptista
Baptista, is a chemical engineer with a PhD in Biotechnology (area of Food Processing). He is Director of P&B. Currently he works with food companies providing consulting, auditing and training services mainly in the area of quality, food safety and innovation. He had coordinated a study for development and expansion of Incubator of Instituto Pedro Nunes in Coimbra (Portugal). Previously he has been Director of Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação, S.A. and Head of Food Technology Centre of College of Biotechnology of Portuguese Catholic University - a technological centre of interface between Academia and Industry in Portugal. As the Head of the Food Technology Centre he was responsible for the global coordination of the R&D activities/services to agro-food companies and for the participation in national and European R&D projects. He is author of book in area of innovation: “Innovation in Products, Processes and Organisations” and co- author of books “Innovation and International Development of Enterprises” and SMEs Challenges within Knowledge Economy. He had participate in several TEMPUS projects that aimed to promote the partnership and establishment of interface structures between universities and enterprises such as FOODLINKS, UNIVENT and EQIWBC projects
     Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou
Mr. Dimosthenis Papakonstantinou Administrator of recently created (2012) CRE.THI.DEV, has worked in ELKEDE, Technology & Design Centre (an RTO under the authority of the Ministry of Development), as its Managing Director (1985-2004) and as Board Advisor (2004-2009), As an active member of local administration since 2003, he has gained experience in introducing, organizing and executing projects for the social, environmental and economic benefit of the local communities. As member/President for 20 years of several consulting committees and working groups of the Ministries of National Economy and Development and of the Organization for SMEs, he has gained experience in the definition and elaboration of specific measurements for the realization of framework programs at national, regional and sectoral level
     Prof. Tariq Azab
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Personal Information: date and place of birth: Oct. 20, 1965 in Al-Salt/Jordan. Positions in Al-Balqa’ Applied University: Head of Applied Sciences Dept. (2001-2002), Dean of Al-Salt University College (2002-2010), Dean of Amman University College (2010-2011), President Counselor for Vocational Education (2011-2012), Vice President for Vocational Education (2012-Present). Scientific activities: I am a reviewer for many scientific journals, a member of many scientific Societies; I have more than 25 published articles, participate in more than 6 international funded projects.
     Penelope Shihab
Penelope is a dynamic Jordanian entrepreneur, who has successfully founded and led a biotech SME in Jordan. With one cosmetic line, in the market, she has an extensive experience in launching, directing, planning, tracking, and managing companies. She has proven ability in leading teams and managing companies in fast-changing environments. She has attended several national and international conferences as an influential speaker and entrepreneur. She aims to increase innovative biotech and scientific research awareness in Jordan and the Middle East, and influence women and young professionals all around the world to become leading entrepreneurs and business leaders
     Dr. Amjad Haymour
Head of Imported and Exported Food Department Duties & Responsibilities: Controls and supervises safety and quality of imported and exported food. Proposes related directives, instructions, and regulations. Implements the legislations directly, or through representatives in custom centers. Rejects non-complying consignments.
Associate Professor in Food Science and Technology, at UniTE since 2004 and coordinator of the 2nd level degree programme in Food Science and Technology from 2013. Deputy rector of the University of Teramo for internationalisation and joint degrees since November 2013. She was delegate of the Faculty of Agriculture for mentoring and tutorial activities included Socrates-Erasmus program until 2013 and is member of the board of the PhD in Food Science of the University of Teramo. Research activity is focused on physical, chemico-physical and rheological properties of foods and flavour release in food matrices and scientific coordinator of researches carried out in national and international projects and in collaboration with food industry. Paola Pittia was vice-chairperson and the Italian representative in the COST Action n. 921.
     Josipa Giljanović
Work on University of Split, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Division of Chemistry, Department for Analytical chemistry. Teach course Analytical Chemistry, Physical methods of analysis, Methods of separation and speciation, Analysis of food products, Quality Assurance of Food, Quality assurance and accreditation in laboratory practice. Participate in 6 projects by Ministry of science, education and sports, CEPUS project (PL-0110-04/05) and TEMPUS project 158714 158714- Improving academia-industry links in food safety and quality, Finish additional training Train in Metrology in Chemistry, Introductory Training for the organoleptic assessment of virgin olive oil, by International Olive Council and Institute for Adriatic Crops and Reclamation, Has certificate for ISO 9001:2008, Internal audit for ISO 9001:2008, and HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Main research topics are quality and health properties of food products (e.g. teas and olive oils) as well as development of new potentiometric sensors, development new potentiometric and spectrophotometric methods for determination of foods and pharmaceuticals. She is author of many papers in peer-reviewed international and national journals.
     Ibrahim Tahat
Ebraheem Al-taha'at is an Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics. He is the Dean of Scientific Research, Postgraduate Studies, as well as Dean of Quality Assurance and Accreditation at Jerash University. His academic interests include project appraisal, financial analysis, water economics, risk analysis and management. He published several articles. He has excellent computer programming skills, with primary expertise in mathematical programming and economic modeling, and risk analysis.
     Theofilos Massouras
Dr Theofilos Massouras is an Associate Professor in Dairy Science, at the Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, Agricultural University of Athens, Specialist in Dairy Chemistry Microbiology and Technology. He got his BSc and MSc in Food Science & Technology from Agricultural University of Athens and (Ph.D.) at University of Technology of Compiègne (FR).
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