FOODQA Academia-Industry Council

The FoodQA Project

The FoodQA project aims at reinforcing and structuring a Jordanian network for promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the food area, while improving the flow of knowledge and cooperation between HEI and industry. To achieve this ambitious goal, the consortium identified a set of activities to be carried out through the creation of the FoodQA centers. These activities will lead to key changes in teaching and learning approaches and will build strong & durable bridges between academia and industry.


 The specific objectives of FoodQA are:

  1. To specify the needs in food companies in order to better shape training courses and encourage close interactions of authorities with the concerned companies. The short-term objective is to define roadmaps to guide future innovations of food businesses, and to allow ideas to better fit industrial constraints and address current market needs. The long-term objective is to offer mentoring services to all partners and to give help to companies interested in developing new technologies and products.
  2. To develop a more professional and complete approach that will federate experts of several disciplines to support the best projects and allow their transfer within a food company partner of the project or in HEIs' incubators. The new training model will be disseminated and promoted through this project network and during related competitions after the end of the project.
  3. To analyze and address the skills and needs of food companies in order to propose new training sessions (some in common with students) thus enhancing and normalizing interactions.
  4. To put together revised and new training courses for all stakeholders. The FoodQA ambition is to ensure the training of number of staff on project management and thus to organize 30 hours/year of teaching on innovation processes and management in industries in each HEI. Legislative authorities will provide the legal advices and solutions for the obstacles.

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The following links for some workshops that were held since the beginning of the Project until now : 


Cleaning and disinfection Workshop in JUST university

AIC Third Workshops 28-29 April 2018

Quality Management System and Microbiological Testing workshop

Academia-Industry Council Third Meeting, Seminars, and Workshops, Amman, April 29-29, 2018


Academia-Industry Council Meetings Presentations 

FoodQA Project-Council Presentation-first meeting.pptx

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FoodQA Project-Council Presentation-nov.23.pptx

Diet and Microbiome-future of food science and technology.pptx

Pittia_Labelling_April 2018.pptx

Pittia_Formulation April 2018.pptx

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