Management and Operational Structures


Coordinator of FooddQA is JUST which is responsible for the overall management of the project and the partnership.  JUST will be responsible for its implementation according to ERASMUS+ rules, managing the budget, formulating methodology and tools for project implementation, allocating tasks, issuing working plans and guidelines, monitoring progress according to schedule, issuing of reports, organization of meetings and contacts with the Commission. 
The structure of the project management will consist of: Project Coordinator (PC), Management Team (MT), Project Steering Committee (StC), Scientific Team (SC), and Quality Committee (QC), in addition to Training and Technical Group (TTG).  An external auditor will be assigned by each partner to guarantee the compliance with EU regulations and project budget line. The MT will be composed of the PC and the administrative service, a Monitoring Expert, and Finance Expert. PC will supervise and coordinate all activities, ensuring that all partners are working towards the same objectives; contractually, technically and administratively and strictly collaborating with the Management Team. The PC will ensure that all partners’ contributions meet the Work Plan expectations.
The PC will be responsible for: representing the consortium towards the EC, ensuring effective flow of information between partners, ensuring the implementation of the agreed action plan to the agreed standards and deadlines, ongoing evaluation of project activities and reporting on project progress to the EU, and defining and identifying the project deliverables for the Commission from the inputs received by participants.
Responsible for strategic decisions, as well as for the authorization of purchases will be the Steering Committee (StC). Members of the StC will be the project coordinator and representatives from the rest of the partners. The StC will meet twice a year in order to discuss the project progress ensuring its completion according to the schedule and its objectives.
The supervision of scientific and technical activities so that they meet the project’s objectives and a high level of quality will be assigned to the Scientific and Supervising Committee (SC) where experts from all partners will participate. The SC will report its progress to the coordinator.
The QC will be responsible for developing a system for quality, monitoring, and evaluation. The QC will be chaired by an EU partner, and 2 members from JO and two members from EU partners.

​​                        Jordan University of Science and Technology 
WP7 Progress Reports


Work Package Output 

  1. Quality Evaluation Reports
  2. Management, Steering and Scientific Committee
  3. Report 1 FOODQA final Amr Amin v1 (1).pdf
  4. Report 2 FOODQA final Amr Amin (1).pdf
  5. Report 3 FOODQA final Amr Amin.pdf 




  1. Kick-off meeting (23-25) February 2017 
  2. second management meeting, Leipzig university 10-14-9-2017
  3. Management and technical Third Meeting in Porto 22 to 24 January 2018 
  4. FOODQA 4th Management Meeting at JUST 30 April 2018
  5. Fifth Management Meeting_ Split 28-29 August 2018 

                      7.1. Kick-off meetings and Establishment of management and 
                              operational  structures 
                      7.2. Establishment of Technical Committee (TC)
                      7.3. Establishment of Training and Technical Group (TTG)
                      7.4. Hiring External Auditors
                      7.5. Financial Management
                      7.6. Reports
                      7.7 Consortium Meetings

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