Pilot of implementation of food safety and quality management systems


Food safety management systems (HACCP Principles; Hazards analysis; Critical control points; HACCP methodology; HACCP plans; Food safety verification; Food safety validation; Food Safety Management Systems – ISO 22000:2005; IFS (International Food Safety) – Issue 5; BRC (British Retail Consortium. All the above quality systems will be included. It is expected that the establishment of these systems among Jordanian industries will help and support the competitiveness of these companies for regional and international business and trade.

      WP4 Progress Reports ​

13.FOODQA_PSEF-Pilot Studies Evaluation Form_v1 (1).pdf
13.FOODQA_PSEF-Pilot Studies Evaluation Form_v1.pdf
AUA Pilot Studies Report Jan 2020 final.pdf
final report Anabtawi sweet.pdf
Final report2.pdf
Form 03-02 key performance indicators EXAMPLES (1).pdf
Form 03-02 key performance indicators EXAMPLES (3).pdf
Form 14-01 Management review minutes EXAMPLE (1).pdf
Form 14-01 Management review minutes EXAMPLE.pdf
Form HACCP 01 flowchart Matrix products.pdf
HACCP flow chart dried nuts.pdf
ifs_food_6_checklist_eng_PB (1).pdf
Pilot Studies Progress Report_CreThiDev (January 2020).pdf
Pilot Study Progress Report_UNITE (1).pdf
Report on Training needs.pdf
WP4_Pilot of implementation of food safety and quality management systems -Porto.pdf

Jordan University of Science and Technology


Work Package Output 
  1. Pilot participants in FoodQA project.pdf
  2. FoodQA_IFS6_1_CheckList.docx
  3. Companies Commitment letters
  4. FoodQA_BRC7_CheckList.docx
  5. FoodQA_Planning_Pilot_Studies_1_and_2.docx
  6. FoodQA_ActionPlan_Pilot_Studies_3_and_4.docx
  7. FoodQA_Questionnaire_Pilot_Studies_3_and_4.docx
  8. FoodQA_ActionPlan_Pilot_Studies_5_and_6.docx
  9. FoodQA_Questionnaire_Pilot_Studies_5_and_6.docx
  10. Workshops, seminars, Jordan.pdf
  11. WP4_Pilot Studies_KARAK DAIRY_AUA.pdf
  12. WP4_Pilot Studies_KARAK DAIRY_CRETHIDEV.pdf
  13. WP4_Pilot Studies_KARAK DAIRY_P_B.pdf
  14. تقرير زيارة حلويات العنبتاوي.docx 24-12.pdf
  15. تقرير كشف ميداني على مصنع حلويات العنبتاوي.pdf
  16. زيارات العنبتاوي.pdf​ 
  17. FoodQA_BRC8_Key_Changes-Nabil -dijlah.pdf
  18. FoodQA_Planning_Pilot_Studies_1_and_2.pdf
  19. IFS_Food_Defense_Guideline.pdf
  20. IFS_Food_Fraud_Guide.pdf
  21. IFS_Food_V6_1_en.pdf
  22. IFSFood7_finalconsultationdraft_21Oct2019.pdf
                  4.1.Preparation of food safety and quality management systems
                  4.2 implementation of food safety and quality management systems
                 4.4 establishment of possible correction action

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